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Exploring Esoteric Astrology

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Esoteric Astrology also includes the influence of the seven rays, the science of triangles, the three crosses, the sacred and non-sacred planets, the reversal of the wheel and many other hidden factors. When one is clearly "on the path," and has awakened to the energies of their soul to some degree, the orthodox (exoteric) planetary rulers weaken, while the soul (esoteric) rulers' energies strengthen, and a new orientation is seen manifesting in the life. 

Another important aspect of the esoteric astrology system is that it involves a study of the energy centers (chakras), their awakening, the planets and constellations whose energies govern, and the changes and circulation of energies that occur (at stated times) as one undergoes initiation. As the soul develops a greater measure of control in the life, the polarities change and the centers below the diaphragm become negative to those above (whereas prior this was reversed). Initiation involves awakening to a higher set of energies, is a process of developing inclusiveness, which leads to an expanded consciousness and a range of awareness which one presently cannot conceive. It is a forcing process in a sense, in terms of accelerating one’s spiritual growth, which involves an imposed self-discipline in mastering control of the personality, so that it becomes the servant of the soul. 

Esoteric Astrology considers the causal body, i.e., home of the soul to be on the higher mental plane (3rd sub plane), with the energies the soul is seeking expression through in this lifetime to be that of the Ascendant, the sign rising on the eastern horizon at the exact time of birth, (as well as the Ascendant's decanate, esoteric rulers house placement and aspects). The nature of the soul is love and light, but it is intelligent love that is group conscious, which wants to contribute to others more than it wants to acquire for itself. The soul's energies are very different than the lunar influence whose qualities are associated more with one's own self-preservation and personal comfort. 

In esoteric astrology, the Sun and the Moon veil the energies of Vulcan, Neptune and Uranus. These energies are too high for the average individual to receive, until ones physical/etheric body has evolved to a stage to safely absorb these high vibrational energies. When the soul is becoming active in the life and has a measure of control over the personality, i.e., one's physical, emotional, and mental bodies, then these planets are unveiled; Vulcan for the physical, Neptune for the emotional (or astral), and Uranus for the mental. 

One very distinguishing factor in the system of esoteric astrology are the Seven Rays. They are the expression of Divinity, the seven great builders of all that exists - from universes, galaxies, solar systems, down to the subatomic levels of manifestation. They are a higher set of energies, (originating from Ursa Major), that become more influential the further one progresses on the path. The seven ray energies influence units of consciousness in different ways, but each originating within the One Life. Each ray transmits its energies through three constellations of the zodiac and reaches our earth primarily through one of the seven sacred planets. The seven rays comprise the branch of esoteric psychology, but are also central in the teachings of esoteric astrology.


Esoteric Astrology presents a beautiful synthesizing tapestry of energy

interplay. It is particularly concerned with the evolution of consciousness

and the study of the spiritual essence which underlies all outer phenomena.

Essentially, I found that Esoteric Astrology restores the planets, the zodiac,

i.e., the Heavens, to their spiritual origin, revealing the unity and inter-

connectedness of all life and with all kingdoms in nature. Esoteric Astrology

focuses on the world of the soul, the world of causes, and not that of the

personality, the world of effects. It looks at the chart, based upon the

evolutionary stage of consciousness one is at, and thus factors in three

different planetary rulerships, dependent upon the energies one is able

to register and respond to.

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